Follow these steps for the perfect open house

When you are selling your condo, there are several procedures you should follow one of them being putting up an open house for the sellers. Open houses allow you to give a preview of the condo to your potential sellers and also provide them with an opportunity to make a decision based on their personal experience of the home. You can make an open house easier by getting an agent to help you with the preparation. Whether you are with a professional agent or not, it is important to know the basics of the open house so you can have a part in the selling of the home.

Below are some tips to help you hold the perfect open house

First impressions are everything

If you don’t catch the eye of the buyer with a first impression, you will have a minimal chance of getting a good offer. The first thing that a client or potential buyer will see when they come to the open house is the landscaping. For normal houses, you can freshen up the curb appeal by growing fresh flowers and evening out the landscape but for condos you will have to work with the front door and balcony

Clean your condo

Maintaining a condo is not hard, the space is not too big and the exterior of the home is maintained by the homeowners association. Inspect the property for any unseen stains and ensure you clean them up. Focus on the kitchen and the washrooms.

De-clutter the home

When the house has too much stuff, it looks untidy and unappealing. A spacious home looks more lively and clean. Ensure you get rid of all the clutter by putting them in boxed and giving them away or selling them. De-cluttering your condo will make it look more specious, clean and new.

Don’t forget to get rid of your personal items

When buyers walk into an open house they want to visualise themselves as the owners. If your condo is full of family pictures or personal items like trophies, it will take away from that. Ensure you clean up your home off all the personal items by arranging them in boxes and moving them into your new home. Don’t create more clutter by moving them into another room. Pets like dogs and cats may mess up the home viewing, so ensure they are not in the condo during the open house.

Stage your furniture

A modern look is more appealing to buyers, especially those looking to own a condo. Ensure you change the designs of the chars and cabinets, get bright colored curtains and drapes and paint the walls to a bright desirable color. More light in your condo will give it a brighter more specious look.

Marketing is an important aspect of your open house

Ensure the open house is listed in several listing websites, advertise it on your social sites and get your real estate agent to put up signs about the open house. Remember to give the potential clients a chance to look through the home on their own. Refreshments are also a good idea for the guests.