Amenities you should ignore when buying a luxury condo

When you think about a luxury condominium, you picture as many amenities as you can especially if the seller is asking for an excessive price. Sometimes we are carried away by the excellent advertisement skills of the sellers that we fail to notice that they are just trying to sell us a commodity. Basically, luxury condos have some basic amenities installed for an extra fee. Some sellers will try to add some additional unnecessary amenities at an extra cost. Before you pay for a condo, you should inspect on the cost and amenities offered; you will realise that some of them are not as important as they seem.

Here are some few luxury amenities you don’t really need when buying a luxury condo

Superfluous amenities

First time buyers are really carried away by the frivolous amenities. Things like common entertainment rooms, champagne rooms, lobby breakfasts, massage rooms, common library areas, pet spas and other luxuries sound really great but they are just an extra expense. First ask yourself how bad you need these kind of luxuries and if you have enough spare time to spend in any of them regularly.

Excessive outdoor space

For nature lovers, an outdoor space sounds interesting especially when it comes with a condominium. If you have pests, you can walk them outside or let the play in the space but you can both live without it. For some owners, you can pay up to 30% of the property price to get an extra outdoor space.

Finishes and fixtures

Some sellers will sell you a condo at a higher price because the fixtures and finishes look like they can qualify as pieces of art. Although these types of fixtures are attractive in the home, they will cost you a lot. The issue is, the fixtures in that condo may be taken off by the next owner. Buy homes with quality fixtures that are affordable.

Space age materials

Nowadays, most condo owners build their homes with engineering materials that are made in factory. These materials may look good but the issue is, they are not real. The best you could do is avoid any unfamiliar materials and go for high quality and timeless products like natural wood , metals and stone on your floors, wall and ceiling.

The doorman

We all agree that the security of your home is very important. You should check out for security forces outside the main gates and in the parking spaces among other areas. What is the real work of a security guard? They specialise in receiving mails and guests and may also work as your concierge. You don’t really need to pay extra for thus type of service.

Valet parking

Even though it is very luxurious to have a valet when you have guests over, you do not really need it. You should check out for your parking needs before anything. Before you pay for a luxury home, check out for a secured parking that is of close proximity to your home and easy to access. f����3